Character Design 

The Little Oni
Timm, the Translucent Alien
The Ovo-Pod 2000

3D Models

King Krush
Timm, The Translucent Alien

Matte Paintings

The Floating Cities of Samur
The Jungle Planet of Tambira
The Cove of Parrot Island


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Dishonored 2
Bladerunner Noodle Bar
Bayek of Siwa and Senu
The Devil Within
John Wick 2
Predator: Hunting Ground Vol.1
God Of War

Tabletop Games

The Decks of Mors Subita
Playing a Round
The Characters
The Rule Cards
The Evil Side
The Good Side

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The Decks of Mors Subita

Mors Subita, an original card game designed from gameplay to illustration by me, for my end of career project. Available in English and Spanish.